"Relations between incidents and phenomena vanish. Explanatory models expire. Confusion increases.
Interrelations are sensed, but rarely traceable. Most often they remain esoteric. The general awareness of our world is the one of an inexpressible world stultifying millions of minds. The idea of a heterogenous modernity has outlived itself. The world gets more and more used to the undeniable fact of multiple modernities, paralell- and especially delayed modernities." (Freiburg/Cairo, January 2009)

The international Orchestra is a performing and visual artits collective initiated and represented by Gregor Kuschmirz and Jan F. Kurth.

The international Orchestra is based on immediate Input and regular Output. We collect, associate and dissociate samples and images of multlple modernities, add cultural optimism and artistic personality and fuse everything into a total piece of performing arts.

contact: info at internationalorchestra dot com


Kurth is a vocalist, composer, recorder player, live sampler between contemporary Jazz, improvised music and extreme instruvocalism. He studied at the Dresden Music University and currently resides at Schloss Solitude where he collaborates with Jörg Behr on Helena, a music theatre piece for the Theater Augsburg.
Kuschmirz is a visual and concept artist, video director and performer. He graduated from Munich University of Applied Sciences and from Baden-Württemberg Film Academy Ludwigsburg. He currently teaches at the German University in Cairo at the applied arts' faculty.